What is itofoo?

itofoo is a data-centric communication platform that brings families and caregivers together. By using the app, the staff at daycare can keep track of the children's growth and development, while sharing with their families along the way.

Recording made easy

Turn a child's everyday life at the daycare into data and statistics which are searchable and can be exported to PDF. No more papers.

Manage your center

Streamline your internal workflow by itofoo's advanced administration features, such as permissions, attendance and statistics.

Communication matters

While parents receives notifications as soon as the staff enters new data, they can also ask for their assistance in various things.

Built with security in mind

itofoo employs multiple security measures to safeguard information. Your data are safe with us.

How does itofoo work?

itofoo consists of two apps:
"itofoo T" is for child care centers / "itofoo" is for families
Meanwhile, the "Director zone" on itofoo website contains administration tools.

How does itofoo work?

itofoo consists of two apps:
is for child care centers "itofoo T" is for families/ "itofoo"
Meanwhile, the "Director zone"

What makes itofoo professional?

Unlike other apps with limited functionality, itofoo boasts a wide range of data types and categories catering to the needs and recommendations of top-notch child care centers and early childhood educators. You can even export detailed summaries and analysis reports when needed.

Take a trivial thing like poop for example. itofoo divides, and subdivides it into time, software, color, amount, irritation, position, smell, photo record, diaper change and special note-- 10 of them.

Not only is the data useful during governemnt inspections, they could serve as important reference for doctor when the children fall ill.

I always believe technology roots in human nature. In the design of itofoo, I see a father's LOVE for his daughters, parents' TRUST in child care center,and endeavors software engineers have put into the app. (Love and Trust are the foundation on which itofoo is built)

vice president-general/commissioner, Childhood Education & Nursing Association of R.O.C., chairman, Infant and Child Nursing Association of Tainan.
Chong-ming Bao

From a desire to help run my center better and with a little luck, I found itofoo on the internet, which not only digitalizes my center's workflow, but also brings simplicity upon management, teacher-parent communication, center assessment, admission and daily operations. Most importantly, it keeps getting better to meet our' demands. That's why I recommend itofoo, the best e-center app ever!

Director, Madison Day Care Center, New Taipei city
Da-qian Jiang

Before using itofoo, we were often caught in repetitive paperwork, like communication books, unsorted photos, ambiguous medication requests, which also take a lot of space to store.itofoo, however, gets everything done with an app. Now, our service is far better--parents know what we are doing, and carrying large volumes of papers around is a thing of the past. Photos can be shared easily and sending medication request becomes very simple. Above all others, the abilty to keep the complete growth record for every single kid is just amazing.

Director, Little Beans Day Care Center, Taipei city
Xu-hui Zhu

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