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Director can create accounts for teachers on admin page

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Note: the administrator must create accounts for the teaching staff in Director Zone before they can sign in to itofoo.

Bye, papers.

Put everything on record

Simply tap to record stats from over 80 types of events, including attendance, diet, sleep, poop, temperature, medication, vaccination, and more.

Analyze and export data

Stored in secure servers, the data could either be used to gernerate an analysis report, or export to an Excel or PDF document.

Evaluation friendly

Use itofoo's electronic records for government inspection or evaluation, rather than printing out a pile of papers

Connecting caregivers and families

Share data with parents

Parents will receive a notification as soon as caregiver enters a new record .

Childcare Calendar

Add events to calendar, such as meal, course, holiday, cleaning day, activities, birthday and party. Updates will be sent to parents and teachers immediately as well.

Mommy Call™

A phone and internet connection are all it takes to use Mommy Call™, a feature designed for families which serves to notify the staff of their arrival time using audio broadcast.

Track vehicle location in real time

itofoo provides the real time location of transportation vehicle so that parents can prepare for pickup.

Rating system

Parents are able to rate the service of caregivers, making internal evaluation possible and childcare quality better.

Chat privately with parents

Communicate through 1-on-1 direct chat, or 3 types of group chat: vehicle channel, class-wide and center-wide.

Conduct survey

Send survey form to the whole class or center, and summarize read status and results automatically.

Medication release form

Have the parents fill a digital medication release form which must include description and an e-signature. Records of staff giving medication will be sent back to parents as well.

Pickup notice

When parents authorize someone to pick up their children, they are required to send a photo of the person with an e-signature so that the staff can verify identity. An e-signature is also required at checkout.

Read receipt

Have parents send read receipts for broadcast messages, survey forms and items in demand, and auto-generate summary of their read status.

Run your daycare better

Great management tools

The administrator (ususally the director) will have the power to regulate teachers' access to itofoo, to which children, which messages, and which events.

Analysis report

itofoo is capable of generating reports on attendance, health, growth, interactions and more, making it simple to understand whats going on in your center.

Versatile attendance system

We provide simple web API that enables quick importing of data from attendance machines (e.g. ID card, fingerprint, facial recognition). If you don't have any, we recommend using itofoo's built-in system based on QR code.

Export to Excel or PDF

All data within itofoo can be exported to Excel or PDF, which is helpful in filing or making further use of data with Excel.

Security and reliability

Trusted Cloud Service

In addition to multiple security practices, we use Google Cloud Platform to run itofoo and also bought extra storage service for photos and videos, reducing the risk of data breaches .

Your privacy matters

  • Private communication

    All communications in itofoo take place around individual child, meaning the data will never be seen by people other than their families and teachers.

  • High level encryption

    We adopt PBKDF2 algorithm and anonymization to safeguard all data stored on itofoo servers.

  • Let's keep itofoo safe together

    Though we develop and design the apps with security in mind, it is your sole responsibility to keep password safe at all times, as there's little we can do about user-induced data breaches.

Download itofoo T

Note: the administrator must create accounts for you in Director Zone before you can sign in to itofoo.

Apply for a director account

For directors or babysitters only. Please provide us with information about your center. Once your application is reviewed and verified, we will create a director account and send you the details by email.

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