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More than a communication book

Stay informed anytime, anywhere

Whenever the daycare submits new data and entries, you will get notification right away. Similarly, the teachers will receive your requests (such as medication release form) immediately as they are created at your fingertip.

Record priceless memories

Daycare isn't the only source of data--you can do it yourself, too! Entry types like breastfeeding and growth records are specifically designed for family use.

Controlled sharing

Decide which data you would like to share with daycare. For instance, only share sleep and breakfast records with the teacher directly responsible for your child, as well as the director.

Multiple families

The main family may assign other family members as families, so that they can also view synced records from the center.

Get analysis report

Analyze data to understand your child's development. Simply tap to generate daily summary, weekly summary, temperature chart, growth chart and development checklist.

Connecting family and caregiver

Always in the know

Get updates whenver the staff submits new entries about your child. Never miss a beat.

Track vehicle location in real time

itofoo provides the real time location of transportation vehicle so that you can easily predict the arrival time and make arrangements.

Mommy Call™

As long as you can connect to the Internet, you have Mommy Call™, a feature designed for families which serves to notify the staff of their arrival time using audio broadcast.

Child care calendar

Daycare can add events to calendar, such as meal, course, holiday, cleaning day, activities, birthday and party. Updates will be sent to families and teachers immediately as well.

Rate the service

Rate the services you receive from daycare to make child care quality better.

Chat privately with teacher

Communicate through 1-on-1 direct chat, or 3 types of group chat: vehicle channel, class-wide and center-wide.

Medication release form

Fill a digital medication release form which must include description and your e-signature. In turn, daycare will note down the details and add an e-signature of the person who gives the medication.

Pickup notice

Need someone to pick up your child for you? Just send request and identification info to daycare. Let itofoo handle the rest.

Participate in survey

Fill in survey form sent by the daycare directly in the itofoo app.

Scan to update attendance

Every daycare has its unique QR code. Simply scan with the app to register the arrival or departure time.

Security and reliability

Trusted Cloud Service

In addition to multiple security practices, we use Google Cloud Platform to run itofoo and also bought extra storage service for photos and videos, reducing the risk of data breaches .

Your privacy matters

  • Private communication

    All communications in itofoo take place around individual child, meaning the data will never be seen by people other than their families and teachers.

  • High level encryption

    We adopt PBKDF2 algorithm and anonymization to safeguard all data stored on itofoo servers.

  • Let's keep itofoo safe together

    Though we develop and design the apps with security in mind, it is your sole responsibility to keep password safe at all times, as there's little we can do about user-induced data breaches.

Download itofoo

For parents, please download the "itofoo" app, register an account , and sign in to use. If a daycare has enrolled your child, just tell them your account so that they can put you on the list.

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